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Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Do you plan on seeing Serenity in theaters on opening weekend?


(35 total votes)

If it matters, early reports of Serenity‘s opening weekend box office take are about $10 million. That’s more than I make in a weekend but less than a super-blockbuster.

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3 Comments on POLL RESULTS: Serenity

  1. First and foremost, a GREAT movie (at least for fans of the series). About the box office – Serenity came in second over the weekend behind that Jodie Foster airplane movie, but looking deeper:
    Serenity – approx. $10 million on just over 2100 screens
    Flight Plan – approx. $15 million on over 3400 screens
    Not too shaby for a tv show that lasted 11 episodes with no “star power”.

  2. A friend and I were discussing the second-place finish that Serenity got for the opening weekend. My friend was rather disappointed, but my take on it agrees with Jay’s “not too shabby” comment.
    Firefly is a relatively unknown series. I teach spacecraft design to aerospace engineering seniors and about half the class had never even heard of Firefly. Most of the ones who had seen it are fans and went to see the movie. I expect their enthusiasm will lead others to go see it and then to watch the series on DVD.
    I think that word-of-mouth is going to lead to Serenity having legs, lasting a while in the theatre, boosting the sales of the series DVD, and the DVD of the movie will be a big seller too.

  3. I think the media stories on the “loss” of Serenity vs. Flightplan are a hoot. I’ve been seeing posters, billboards, ads, etc., for Flightplan for a while. Serenity–well, ads seemed to be relegated to the SkiFi Channel, they showed the series again, did various “making of” and “exclusive looks” and then pulled a brilliant move by having previews.
    A failed television series, a director who has never done a movie, a bunch of relative unknown actors and actresses, a “dying genre” (according to some, due to the performance of POC’s like SW)…they did “only” $10 million.
    Whedon is laughing all the way to the bank.
    Haven’t heard how “MirrorMask” is doing. Heck, I can’t even find it in my area. Looks like I’ll have to wait for DVD on that one.

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