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The latest edition of the Science Fiction Writers of America‘s quarterly magazine, The Bulletin, contains an interesting article by William Dietz: How To Write A Book A Year. (PDFs are more bearable with Foxit. I’m just sayin’.) It offers some insight into how genre writers can help their writing careers along with a little perseverance and a lot of day job. As an sf reader, I like articles like these for the behind-the-scenes methods used to create the books I like.

Other enlightening articles are out there, too. The SFWA alone offers a good handful of resources covering the craft of writing and business know-how. (They also spearhead a controversial campaign against e-Piracy – controversial as evidenced by some author repsonses.) We’ve also posted before about the BBC’s writing articlesscience fiction in particular – with articles written by Stephen Baxter, who knows a little somethin’ about sf. And then there are other sites, like SpecificWorld, which point to various pieces of writing advice around the web. All good stuff.

[Link to William Dietz article via Locus Online]

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