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The Killer Xbox 360 App?

Mass Effect is the newly announced SF action-RPG, from Bioware (oooo!) for the Xbox 360. Now, being from Bioware, creators of the excellent Baldur’s Gater series and Knights of the Old Republic, I am of course interested. Seing that it is a SF RPG takes my interest up a notch. Not really much in the way of features or plot, aside from the standard ‘mankind must defeat an ancient evil set inside a high-tech future world’. Bioware has a reputation, only slightly tarnished from Jade Empire, for creating involving, highly entertaining (and long) games. That they are planning on creating a trilogy of games, starting with ME, makes me almost want to get an Xbox 360. Almost. When we know more that may change. But, would a sweet SF game from Bioware be enough to get you to fork over the $$$ for a 360? I’m on the fence. Maybe there will be used ones available when this comes out.

For more info on Mass Effect, see the first look over on Gamespot.

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6 Comments on The Killer Xbox 360 App?

  1. “tarnished from Jade Empire” – wha? I don’t think that tarnished thier rep, but yes its true these evil money grubbing game developers are going to force me into looking at the console. I h8 them – just like the whole KOTOR thing started me on the path to console damnation. I sense that this will be yet another step into oblvion, but then again… :-@

  2. So this will be one of those scammy console-only titles? I might be an action-RPG fan, but one game is not going to make me wanna buy a new console!

  3. Hmmm.. I don’t know that even a Bioware title (even a Bioware title full of crunchy sci fi goodness) is enough to make me break open the piggy bank for a new console…after all, I have to buy a new motherboard with PCI express to take advantage of THOSE upgrades as well… despite my objections, my sci-fi (and Madden NFL or Baseball) habits due have upper limits. I’m more interested in seeing the whole picture on what a console is going to do for me before I shell out anything new….

  4. This is not like Halo that was intended to be a PC title that got gobbled up by MS for the Xbox. This is a console only title much like Jade Empire, but I could go on about how much I think MS is missing the bus on the whole console gaming thing. I am pretty sure that Bioware like many other game developers are looking at the $60 intial price for games on consoles and thinking that getting a reasonable amount of money for a static platform is a good deal. Its a simple question of economics – and not having to support a near infinite hardware set is seen as a technical support benefit as well.

    As to making you buy a console to play one game? I was never forced into buying my X-box. I chose to do it when KOTOR was out since I really wanted to play it. I am very happy with my decision. Will I buy an xbox360, probably when the PS3 comes out since there will be a price cut somewhere around that timeframe – or least used/refurbs that cost significantly less than the base platform.

  5. BioWare isn’t in love with the AUP, they are in love with the volume. Remember that BioWare owes a $10 royalty to Microsoft for every XBOX game CD produced (not sold, a key distinction) so the AUP isn’t that great for them anyway.

    However, there have been about 20 million XBOX’s sold so far and a good title can sell to 25% of those people. That’s 5 million copies of a game – a nice gross revenue number to have (even if BioWare is making only $25 per game, that’s $125 million from one title alone.)

    The best PC games sell 3 million copies – and it is only the very rare game that does that (The Sims, Myst, etc.) Apparently Neverwinter Nights has done that, as well as the Baldur’s Gate series.

    Overall, there is more risk and more cost involved in producing a PC game (especially in QA due to the varying hardware) and greater reward in making an XBOX title. If I were a game developer, I’m afraid I’d make similar choices.

    One interesting note – in a bid to lure content creators to the XBOX 360, Microsoft has offered reduced per-CD royalty costs for those developers willing to produce XBOX-only titles (by giving more profits to the developer, they make up for not selling on the Playstation.) They even get down to zero, so the rumors say, to certain houses (say – Square Enix?) The plan is to lock Sony out of key titles and grow Microsoft’s market share. It’s all good for consumers which should see lower game prices as a result.

  6. Actually, it’s not all good for consumers. It’s not even necessarily good for those consumers who are willing to purchase yet another console. What’s the projected costs of 360 titles? What I’ve seen so far is $60 vs $50 for current xbox titles. And how often have you actually seen publishers lower game prices? If the games move at the current prices, then that’s where the prices will likely stay.

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