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Wen Spencer

The books of Wen Spencer caught my eye a couple of years ago with the first of her Ukiah Oregon series of books – Alien Taste and Dog Warrior – which are essentially police stories where the protagonist is a tracker for hire with heightened senses. (It helps having been raised by wolves.) There are four books in the series to date, each of which has received favorable reviews from Amazon and others. Of course, being the biblioholic that I am, I own the books…I just haven’t read them yet. Anyone have an opinion on the Ukiah Oregon books?

More Wen Spencer news as of late: Tobias S. Buckell points to one of Wen Spencer’s blog entries where she talks about how she writes sequels. On her blog, she also talks about her latest novel, A Brother’s Price.

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  1. I haven’t personally read them yet (although I have a friend who loves them). I myself have read her Tinker, which is part of a sub-subgenre which seems to be taking more hold lately…fantasy worlds explicitly bordering our own (In the Bordertown mold).

    I did enjoy Tinker as a relatively light and fun read.

  2. I was going to write the same three sentences Paul wrote. I’ve read Tinker, and thought it was a fun and quick read. I haven’t picked up Alien Taste or Dog Warrior, but I’ve heard good things about them.

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