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What The Halo?

Interesting news from Yahoo concerning the upcoming Halo movie. The good news is that Peter Jackson and company have been tapped to run the production of the movie. Mr. J and Fran Walsh will be the executive producers and the movie will be shot in, of course, New Zealand. No word on who the director will be yet. Let’s hope it isn’t Uwe Bolle or Yngwe Malmsteing or whatever his name is.

I’m not sure how to feel about this. On one hand, the intro cinematic to Halo is awesome and has great gobs of crucnchy SF goodness to it, including the powerful choral score. On the other, I can’t seem to recall any good games to movies adaptations. I know PJ did a great with Lord of the Rings, but can he do for SF what he did for Fantasy? I guess we’ll see. The story of Halo is, at least, interesting and the visuals ought to be impressive. If they can do it for Halo, they need to move on to one of Bank’s Culture novels…

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    I love the video game Halo. I still spend a couple of hours a week playing different levels at the Legendary difficulty for fun. (Truth…

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