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Gardner Dozois’ Future Projects

SF author and editor Gardner Dozois is not resting on his laurels since stepping down as editor of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine. As SciFiWire reports, in addition to writing some more of his own fiction, he will be editing several upcoming anthologies in addition to his annual Year’s Best Science Fiction anthology series.

The upcoming titles include:

  • One Million A.D. – a Science Fiction Book Club exclusive showcasing original far-future stories. (Perhaps a companion to his Furthest Horizon anthology of already-published fiction?)
  • Escape From Earth – Another SFBC exclusive, this co-edited with longtime collaborator Jack Dann and collecting young adult science fiction.
  • Wizards – co-editing with Dann again, this one focuses on original young adult fantasy.
  • The New Space Opera – co-edited with Jonathan Strahan and showcasing space opera sf.
  • Changing Worlds and Dangerous Games – Two more fantasy anthologies with co-editor Jack Dann (via Dann’s website…Beware of flying JavaScript! :))

It’s nice to see a little emphasis on young adult science fiction to even out the weight placed on the shoulders of YA fantasy. From the SciFiWire article:

“I think it’s extremely important to generate good new YA SF,” Dozois said. “The fantasy genre has maintained a tradition of good YA fantasy throughout the last few decades (just think Harry Potter), and I think it’s hurt science fiction as a field that we’ve neglected it. It means that new readers don’t have a place to start, but must jump instead directly into reading adult SF, and I think that it may be too difficult a jump for some of them.”

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  1. Richard Novak // November 30, 2005 at 1:31 pm //

    Gardner has a good point. My first science fiction was Donald Wollheim’s YA Secret of the Martian Moons.

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