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Locus Magazine Subscriptions: Get One!

I’m not sure of a simpler way to say this: if you like reading science fiction or fantasy, you will like Locus Magazine.

I’ve been a subscriber for a little over a year and I recently renewed for two more. It truly is a “sf/f newspaper” – they have interesting news; thoughtful, detailed reviews; and (my favorite part) interviews with the big names in science fiction and fantasy. Well, not interviews, exactly. There’s no Q&A, per se. It’s more like an autobiographical essay by each article subject. And two in every issue! (See samples.) Whatever you call them, they are always excellent reads and are alone worth the cover price ($52 USD will get you 12 issues. But hurry! Their rates are going up at the beginning of the new year!)

Suggestion: if you do subscribe, Google for special offers to get an extra back issue with an author you like. Some authors are offering links to get a free back issue with their own “interview” piece. (I grabbed the Alastair Reynolds issue.)

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  1. I first encountered Locus in the Forbidden Planet bookstore in NYC, oh, 15 years ago. A couple of years later, I decided not to rely on the growing inconsistent nature of that bookstore, and started subscribing.

    I always look forward to each month’s issue (especially the forthcoming books issues) with anticipation.

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