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New SF TV Shows in the Works?

Rumors abound of new scifi TV shows in development:

A couple of weeks ago, Smallville, not that I watch it [looks up and to the left], featured the character of Aquaman. Apparently, the high ratings for that show (whatever that means when passed through the WB filter) has spawned this idea. Personally, as a DC Comics reader growing up, I always thought Aquaman was the most limited, and therefore the lamest, character. (Sorry, fanboys and superfanboys.) Are there no other superheroes to bring to the small screen? How about a Justice League? How about a Legion of Superheroes ? Heck, even The Atom is better than Aquaman. Oh well, better than Hawkman, I guess. Hawkman makes Aquaman look like Superman but with only one-eighth of his powers.

Another rumor making the rounds concerns a TV series based on Robocop, the lovable, square-jawed cyborg hero of a violent future Detroit. This has been done before, twice if you count the animated series. Apparently, Hollywood feels that they can give it another go. Unless they can get past the censors with a weekly toxic-waste-bath scene like they had in the first movie, I’m afraid this is doomed to failure.

Lastly, from FanDominion, there’s word of a possible TV series based on the Terminator movies. It’s tentatively titled The Sarah Connor Chronicles and will focus on that character and her son John, who, as we know, grows up to send Arnold Schwarzeneggar back through time (although NOT as an undead, time-travelling Nazi as the licensing fees to SF Signal would run the project severely over budget).

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1 Comment on New SF TV Shows in the Works?

  1. Wow, I’m floored… I would’ve never expected them to try to make an entire series out of one guest character one time.

    *blushed* I, too, watched that episode and thought it brought a nice arc into the storyline. I, especially, liked the comment about forming the “Junior Lifeguard Association” with the obvious reference to the JLA for those of us of the DC-geek persuasion.

    John, while you and I agree that Aquaman might be, by far, the lamest character, I doubt that we’re the demographics that WB is targeting. As usual, it’s not surprising to see them continue to ride the teeny-booper-coming-of-age-hormone-gushing-teenage-girl wave who will, surely, tune in every week to see the bare-chested superhero.

    To make a series based on a character whose bailiwick (SAT word alert!) is the sea, it brings to mind a Simpsons parody: Knight Boat! Does this mean that every week, there will be an ocean, sea, lake, river, stream, or fjord lest our hero becomes utterly useless and irrelevant?

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