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Online real estate?

Back on October 24th, a player in Project Entropia paid $100,00 of actual US dollars for the rights to online space. Literally space in this case – the rights to own an asteroid space resort.

The virtual construct has 1000 Apartment complex, Commercial Space Ship Docking, Themed Shopping Mall, Mega Stadium for championship sporting events, Nightclub with multiple Dance floors, Live Amphitheater, lounges, and 10 Hunting Biodomes. I don’t know what all that means in PE, but it sounds like a lot.

Jon can do anything he wants with this space – charging admission to the stadiums and hunting domes, selling or renting access to the apartment complex, selling advertising space (real life commercial advertising) and more. I know that PE allows players to write code and create other games within it, and it looks like Jon believes this will be a good investment for him.

You might remember that this isn’t the first time PE has sold online space for real dollars. About a year ago, a guy paid $27k for a virtual island. At the time, the press and blogs panned this as a waste of money. But lo and behold, the PE team announced recently that the virtual island guy has made all his money back through various means (by selling parts of it, mostly.) This year, he’s going to focus on ways to get people to pay for things as a way of making a living.

This isn’t for me I don’t think but it is an interesting development.

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