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Rod Serling Returns to TV

File under: Disturbing Trend.

The late, great Rod Serling will be incorporated into a 3D episode of the NBC supernatural drama Medium. Serling will introduce the episode and inform viewers how to use 3D glasses which are being widely distributed by the network. The use of the Serling video is sanctioned by Serling’s estate and wife.

What’s up with the using dead people in current movies and TV shows? Aside from using Twilight Zone‘s creator in Medium, last year we saw the use of Sir Laurence Olivier in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Next year, we’ll see Marlon Brando in Superman Returns.

Does this bother the Hollywood actors who are losing jobs to the dead. Might I suggest to Hollywood the use of time-traveling zombies to fill these roles? They come cheaper; instead of paying some estate you only have to pay licensing fees to SF Signal. Zombie actors are the wave of the future!

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  1. Speaking of dead actors (or zombies) appearing in movies, didn’t Ben Affleck appear in Final Fantasy: The Spirits Whithin, voiced so expertly by Alec Baldwin?

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