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SF Tidbits Part XXXIII

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3 Comments on SF Tidbits Part XXXIII

  1. Yes, nothing says “fully immersive virtual environment” like a mafia pizza kingpin having a dust-up with a aleut harpooner with a nuke.

    I hope the X-Box crew figured out how to move your arms in the metaverse via goggles ‘cuz I sure didn’t.

    The popularity of Snow Crash wouldn’t bother me so much if it made a lick of sense. Then again I stared blankly at Napoleon Dynamite for an hour before I realized it was supposed to be a comedy.

  2. It’s the style and feel Jeff 🙂 Although whether the XBox will evr have the sense of cool that Snowcrash has I doubt. Samurai sword fights emulating coding hacking, I only wish it was that exciting in real life.

  3. XBox developers forced to read Snowcrash

    Via SFSignal , J Allard (XBox develpoment chief) insisted that his developers read Snowcrash, to try and provide some inspiration. In fact Allard is ambitiously going for the Metaverse, “The Xbox 360’s project code-name was Xenon, and an expansive 147-…

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