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SF Tidbits Part XXXV

  • William Shatner wants his kidney stone back. Really.
  • Time Magazine refers to George R.R. Martin as “The American Tolkien“. [Source: Locus Online]
  • This week’s episode of Smallville featured the premiere of the Superman Returns teaser trailer. (Not that I watch Smallville or anything. But if I did, I might say that last night’s episode featuring Braniac was cool. Oh, and the trailer was cool, too.)
  • Grumpy Old Bookman has a writeup of Harlan Ellison.
  • Seven Reasons why Harry Potter is overrated.
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2 Comments on SF Tidbits Part XXXV

  1. I read that Time Magazine article and it sounds like he is building a great universe there. I guess thats another set of books to add to my list. He was also on Cover to Cover with the Dragon page guys…

  2. Although I always fear that Martin’s books will eventually descend to the level of Jordan dreck, he hasn’t disappointed me yet. The long delay for Feast of Crows did worry me though.

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