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SF Tidbits Part XXXVIII

  • John C. Wright is working on Null-A Continuum, a sequel to A.E. van Vogt’s The Players of Null-A.
  • Jonathan Strahan wonders if the future of short fiction begins with Bruce Holland Rogers’ offerings of short-short fiction.
  • Boston Globe Article: Back to Utopia, mentions works by Edward Bellamy, Samuel Delany, Ursula K. LeGuin, Philip K. Dick and John Brunner.
  • Altered Carbon author Richard K. Morgan just signed a five-book deal with Del Rey, which will include a sword-and-sorcery trilogy.
  • Attention Firefly fans with at least $1500: Own Mal’s browncoat! [via TV Squad]
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  1. Hope Mr. Wright’s Null-A effort is better than Van’s third book in the series (the horror! the horror!). The first two Null-A’s were a lot of fun, and remain among my favorites of A.E. Van Vogt’s tales.

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