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BG Recap

Ready for the second half of Battlestar Galactica Season 2 on January 9th?

(What’s up with series-splitting, anyway? Where are the days when TV seasons started in September and ended in June? Now series go on hiatus for months in between so a scaled down 18-epsiode season is supposed to feel like, what, a 10 month outing! Heck, 24 doesn’t even start its season until January. Bah! )

Anyway, if you’re not ready for BG Season 2.5, here’s a 22-minute recap of the series so far.

Let me know if the recap is good. It requires iTunes v6 which installed with DLL registartion error messages. It seemed to work anyway, but it required credit card info which seems silly to provide gievn that I only want to watch a commercial.

[link via TV Squad]

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