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Not So Good News

Joss Whedon says Firefly is over. Sad news indeed. And if that was Universal’s best marketing effort, I’d hate to see what their worst effort is.

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  1. This is like that game called Telephone, where you get everybody in a line and whisper in one person’s ear, each person then whispering the message to the next only to find out that the message has been horribly mangled by the time it reaches the end of the line.

    What Joss actually said was that he had closure, that he was happy with Serenity and all he’d done in the universe of Firefly and that if there was to be no more, he was OK with it.

    On Sci-Fi Storm is a snip of his post on proclaiming it – posted an hour after JP posted this here.

  2. I wouldn’t panic yet. Why? Other stories have said that if the DVD makes enough money, it could spawn a TV movie or a direct to DVD sequel. EW ain’t the most reliable rag out there.

  3. Gentlemen, I would be happy if Joss Whedon closed down FIREFLY. The end of the SERENITY movie, involved such an arbitrary (and artistically meaningless) death of a major character, then my suspension of disbelief burst like a bubble, and I lost all interest in what might happen to the rest of the crew, or the rest of the Firefly universe at that point.

    Which is really too bad. Unlike BUFFY or ANGEL, this was SF, and the characters were mature. And who else out there is going to write a good old fashioned space-Western?

  4. [**SPOILER WARNING** – Ed.]

    I was bummed out by the deaths of Wash and Book, but Whedon did say that the show and movie lend themselves to flashbacks and even prequels (though he’s not a fan of the later) so we may see more of Wash and Book if we see more Firefly at all. I know that sounds iffy, but if Lucas can piss all over our childhood memories, then Whedon can do whatever he wants. At least we’ll be better prepared.

  5. Fred Dawes // December 24, 2005 at 1:34 pm //

    That is sad news, the fact is firerfly is great but it was asking to many question’s about our real world so the big boys had to take it off the air.

    the acting is great, the idea is the best one to come down the road in 20 years, and it asked real questions about a real world, sad,sad, sad, world.

    but when people want to having the 5 year old, well what can i say if you know what i mean?:-$

  6. Allan Rosewarne // December 27, 2005 at 4:51 pm //

    Ok, regardless how one interprets Joss’s remarks, I was told by a former editor of Wizard magazine and now writer of TV episode guides, that a return of the Fireflyverse to TV viewing was IMPOSSIBLE. IOW, I had heard that it was possible that Serenity was a gateway for Universal through SciFi cable to reintroduce a Firefly series. However, I was told by this writer in unambigous, unequivocal and non-negoitiable terms that such a scheme was IMPOSSIBLE.

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