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POLL RESULTS: David Brin Goes to the Movies

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

SF author David Brin says that one of his novels is being adapted to film. Which of the following David Brin novels would you most like to see on the big screen?


(31 total votes)
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7 Comments on POLL RESULTS: David Brin Goes to the Movies

  1. Sundiver means there’s a good chance for sequels!

  2. Skip SUndive and go straight to Startide Rising. Having just reread these, Sundiver adds little to the Uplift Universe. Movie-wise, Startide would work the best. Dolphins. Monkeys. Battles.

  3. I thought about Startide Rising (one of my all time favorite books), but I don’t think it would work well as a movie. Too many underwater scenes, talking dolphins and a lot of (necessary) character interaction make this a good book but a tough sell to the general movie going public. Mind you, the space battle scenes would be cool, but I’m guessing the layperson would look at the trailer and say, “What? Seaquest DSV is a movie now?”. Underwater, talking dolphins, etc. Well, those that remember Seaquest anyway…
    That’s why I thought Sundiver would make a better movie. Less complex a plot, more action, plus political intrigue and sun diving!
    Now, I think The Practice Effect would make a great SciFi ‘original’ movie. Give it the whole $1 million budget treatment and you’d have something.

  4. I fear that non-humanoid aliens won’t appeal to filmgoers, but I would go see Sundiver for sure.

  5. I would want to see Startide Rising, but I predict it will be Earth. Earth has the most potential appeal beyond the SF set, especially with the hype about global warming. It could be good as long as they don’t cast Kevin Costner in it (a la The Postman).
    Have y’all done a similar poll on what movie you would like to see adapted from Larry Niven’s catalog?

  6. Great idea! Send me your top 5 picks. Use the suggest-a-poll link in the main poll area (and remember to “fix” the spam-resistant email address) or just email me at john AT sfsignal DOT com.

  7. I think they should do whatever they need to do to get a decent budget sci-fi film done. The majority of movie goes now do not read at all unless forced to by school etc. Getting a good sci-fi movie based on a book budgeted and to the theater is not easy I guess. The general public appears to prefer either romantic comedy, bang-bang car chase action, and or Friday the 13th part 1000: fleece them sheeps!

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