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Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

How many hours each week do you listen to podcasts?


(40 total votes)
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6 Comments on POLL RESULTS: Podcasts

  1. Given all the coverage on podcasts in the past several months, and the number of sources (especially through National Public Radio), I’m surprised at the number of people in the same boat as me–no podcasts at all!
    For me, it’ll have to wait until I get broadband at home. Ditto with a lot of other services that I keep looking at (Hearts of Space, an ambient radio show, and others of that ilk). Just ain’t worth it without broadband.

  2. I am sure that the numbers would be much higher on the “listen” side of the poll had SFSIGNAL implemented it’s podcast. Whatever happened to the SFSIGNAL podcast . . . .? :O

  3. I still haven’t pod-casted. I’ve PSP-casted, but no pod. :-@

  4. For the record, and to clear up any confusion which exists [looks at Rich], podcasting is a generic term used to refer to distributing media “shows” over the Internet. It does not require an iPod.

  5. I see your response to my query as to why SFSIGNAL still doesn’t have its own podcast is to try and change the subject. Maybe there will be another “signal” blog that will be more responsive to the masses wanting interesting podcast content . . . . I haven’t podcasted either Trent :-$, however, I have done that “listen to mp3 files over the internet” thing before . . . .

  6. No dodging…the podcasting question falls clearly in Tim’s court. πŸ˜‰

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