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Serenity with Hand Puppets

Just in case the “re-enacted by Bunnies” trend was not enough to whet your appetite for surreal entertainment, there’s Movie Puppet Theater. In addition to the inevitable Lord of the Rings and Star Wars send-ups, they also have a version of Serenity. Unlike Bunny Theater, this is just a faux script with hand-puppet graphics. But the effect is just as mind-numbing. Enjoy!

[via Cinematical]

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  1. Sweet Serenity

    Yep, we saw Serenity in its Toronto opening, to a packed house.

    Joss Whedon ( as per the PVP tee shirt : Joss Whedon is my Master Now) did not disappoint. The Cast acted their Hearts out. Things were Reveled, and No Punches were pulled. There wa…

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