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Doctor Who Comes to the SciFi Channel

Starting in March, The SciFi Channel will be airing 13 episodes of the popular BBC television series Doctor Who. It will be part of the Friday SciFi lineup.

All I know is, James better be right. 🙂

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13 Comments on Doctor Who Comes to the SciFi Channel

  1. Of course I am.

    I think Doctor Who will be a refreshing change for US SF fans.

    And IMHO it’s great!

  2. I saw this news last night and did a little happy dance. Did you see the BBC announcement page? It was playing a flash video with the white house while the Tardis fades in 🙂 I used to watch Dr. Who all the time as a younger person, and I anxiously look forward to the new series on Sci Fi…

  3. Richard Novak // January 13, 2006 at 9:39 pm //

    :-P(H):D YIPPEE!!

  4. I think US fans may be really split on the new Doctor Who. Its a very British sci-fi show but with the new series they have the budget to move away from what US fans are used to seeing from British sci-fi.

    At the same time its never been influenced by the likes of Star Trek etc. so the whole feel of the show is different to pretty much anything that US tv has produced. For a start it is genuinely family viewing which is pretty much a foreign concept here in the states where everything is segregated into marketing categories.

    Hopefully enough people will be able to open their minds beyond what they expect from tv science fiction and enjoy what is a very good show.

  5. It’s About Time!:-P

    I started watchind The Doctor on a 12 inch black & white TV around 1965 and I have enjoyed nearly every episode since. Usuall on PBS and Late at night well worth the lost hour or so of sleep, the early seasons were filled with great writing and very sparce scenery.

    I would enjoy seeing lots more of this great series. I’ll bet the viewer survey will go along with this opinion.

  6. I have been watching Dr. Who and I really do enjoy the series. I do have a problem I lost power on what I believe was the season finale I may be wrong 🙁 I looked in this weeks TV guide and there was no N next to this weeks episode so I believe that it must be a re-run can anyone help me out and let me know the name of the season finale episode and when it aired if it did I am hoping that I did not miss it.

  7. The first season was:


    The End of the World

    The Unquiet Dead

    Aliens of London

    World War III


    The Long Game

    Father’s Day

    The Empty Child

    The Doctor Dances

    Boom Town

    Bad Wolf

    The Parting of the Ways

    According to the SkiiiFiii Channel schedule guide, the next episode is “Parting” on June 9.


  8. By the way, the Wikipedia entry on Dr. Who is an excellent resource. It has background and a link to a episode list.


  9. when is doctor who on next

  10. Ummm….Friday?

  11. I noticed that Dr. Who is not listed on Scifi channel’s schedule.  When will this wonderful series be shown again.  It would be wonderful if this show was shown on Saturday afternoons as 5:00 a.m. is a bit inconvenient as I have to remember to tape the show every week. 

    Please tell me that this show will be returning and when, what time.  I would even love to see older episodes.



  12. The show is on hiatus.  However, according to the U.S. SciFi Channel Forum, the U.K. will air a 2008 Christmas special, four additional stories in 2009, and a new series/season in 2010.

  13. for everyone who missed a show (even the 2008 christmas) i found this amazing link the other day!


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