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Got Less Than a Second? Judge Us!

Web sites are judged in an eye-blink, says CNN.

Internet users can give Web sites a thumbs up or thumbs down in less than the blink of an eye, according to a study by Canadian researchers. In just a brief one-twentieth of a second — less than half the time it takes to blink — people make aesthetic judgments that influence the rest of their experience with an Internet site.

At the risk of sounding like I need validation (…OK, maybe I do…) I’m curious what first impressions you have had at SF Signal. Can’t be too bad if you’re reading this, right? At least it can’t be as bad as the old purple look, can it? Is there anything we could do better? Something you want to see more of?

Let us know what you think!*

(*This offer does not apply to Scott and his dislike of my New Year’s Resolution widget, nor does it apply to Scott masquerading as someone who dislikes my New Year’s Resolution widget. πŸ˜‰ )

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13 Comments on Got Less Than a Second? Judge Us!

  1. It’s very slick … but to me it doesn’t really say ‘science fiction’.

    At first I thought it could be San Francisco signal πŸ˜‰

  2. After looking at the “purple” version, I have to say that I do miss that. I also like the older sci-fi space-like font better.

  3. The only thing I don’t like about the “new look” is the way that comments are listed in the left side as one per commenter, instead of the most recent several items commented on, plus the number of comments. I think you’ll have comments rolling off the page faster, and us slow reading types may miss some interesting stuff.


  4. For the longest time I thought this was a community blog mainly because of the design. Something about it (the boxes?) seemed Slashdotty to me. (Although much better looking.)

  5. It is a pseudo-community blog. There are the Men In Black, the Powers That Be like JP, John and Tim. Then there are the up-and-coming’s liek Pete who doesn’t have a bookshelf yet, but probably should.

    Me, I aspire to someday have a bookshelf. Until then I will act in my unofficial capacity as SF Signal’s fact/spell-checker and Curmudgeon in Charge.


  6. Sigh. When you need four espressos in one day to keep going (because it is another week of double shifts), you should not post something that talks about being a spell/fact-checker with a word that is not spelled corrrectly.


  7. Fred,Funny you should mention the recent comments. We’d love to go back to the old style of “POST_NAME [# Comments]”, but that functionality doesn’t want to work since we upgraded the movable type software and changed web hosts. (We think the issue is a 3-year-old DBD:mysql version that the host is unwilling to upgrade. Bah!)

    Also, if Pete put down the latest issue of Maxim long enough to read a book, he would get his own shelf. Except that it would probably contain 1 book and a butt-load of Maxim.

    As for the spellchecker thing, don’t worry…we “liek” you anyway.


  8. I normally read the site via Bloglines, so sorry, all your hard design work is lost on me πŸ™‚

    The only downside of reading in an rss reader is that I always miss the polls, despire knowing that a new one is up when the old results are published. (Can’t. Do. One. More. Click…)

  9. Also use RSS to read the site, so only clicked through to see your new design as a result of this post.

    Slightly prefer the blue to the purple, not because of the colour, but because the site is generally more elegant (less geeky?), professional looking. I wonder if you don’t need some kind of header to really stand out, distinguish this from any other blogroll?

  10. Yes, clearly gamingsignal is the pioneer of the webiste that uses a banner graphic. :-@ Then again, if most readers are just seeing us through their feedreaders anyway, then maybe banner graphics (and pet projects) don’t matter so much.

  11. OMG! OMG! I thought I was the only one who thought that the new recent comments section was, shall we say, less than optimal? I do miss the counted version; although I like having the name of the commenter up there (perhaps, HTML guru John, can let us have it both ways: a little mouseover action that shows the names? assuming he can figure out how to implement the old way again).

    As for my bookshelf, long time readers might remembered that I had a bookshelf at one point with this book in it too. But it was left there collecting virtual dust, so eventually I asked one of the Powers that Be (read: JP) to remove it.

    Perhaps, someone can give me an honorary shelf again with a picture of the latest Maxim cover? If you can do that, you can also do the covers of Stuff, and FHM up there too. Since it is a community blog, I won’t ask you to put a cover of AVN (NSFW) up there.

    Oh BTW, I’m not just “up and coming;” I’m already here, baby!

  12. Personally, I like the new comments field on the main page. Its nice to know who commented on each post. As to shelves, I see no reason to have a shelf for everybody who posts here since I believe we all read (at varying speeds,) and I also have no problem with John’s little tracker on that page. I don’t think there is anything stopping us from posting our own resolutions and then tracking them here if they apply to SFSignal.

    I would like to see us add shelves to GamingSignal as well since I think thats an important barometer of a given person’s tastes in gaming. As a RTS gamer, I know I can’t trust JP to give a positive rating to that game, but other folks may not know that…

  13. If Pete gets a bookshelf, I’ll be lobbying for one!


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