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More Dust Settling…

We’re still making host modifications as we try to fix some domain/host/MovableType issues (images not appering, domain redirecting…that sort of thing).

If you’re reading this, then most of them should be over. For now…

However, there will be some more changes coming in the near future. Unfortunately, we did not do our homework when choosing web hosts and there may be a need to move yet again.

Please bear with us as we work like maniacs to resolve these issues.

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7 Comments on More Dust Settling…

  1. Couldn’t access the site for quite a while today as it was “parked” (hijacked???) at Go Daddy Dot Com. Also, e-mail bounced back as “no such user” (including the non-site-contact contacts).

  2. No, it wasn’t hijacked. We were transferring the domain from one GoDaddy account to another and during the few hours it took to do so, the site was inaccessible.Unfortunately, as I said, we’ll be probably changing hosts again. So there may be another period of down time. Grrrr! (6)

    On the bright side, when all is done, URLs will be preserved, images will work properly, and the domain will look clean. We should have the XML working properly as well.

    Thanks for sticking with us.

  3. We’re getting rid of go daddy dot com?

  4. Most likely. They just don’t support the features we want.

  5. Lordy, who picked the colors for Gaming Signal? My eyes, my eyes!


  6. That would be the color-blind guy who chose the colors….


  7. Everyones a critic …. πŸ™‚

    Seriously, those colors are NOT final. I was waiting for our graphics guy to draw up the logo and then picking the colors based on what he came up with. This is just experimenting with the idea of white text on a black background. I’m not sure I like it, but its what we have for now.

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