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MOVIE REVIEW: A Tale of Two Sisters

REVIEW SUMMARY: A complex psychological thriller that’s also one of the best ghost stories I’ve ever seen.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Two sisters move back with their father to the mansion that their mother died in. But the mansion is haunted and the girls’ new stepmother is definitely no substitue for the real thing!


PROS: VERY scary; brilliant cinematography; complex psycological story that is not at all what it appears.

CONS: subtitles only; difficult to figure out the first watch through.

BOTTOM LINE: I’ve watched a lot of Asian ghost stories over the last couple years, and this is by far the scariest as well as the most intelligent.

Okay, I admit it – I jumped up hard enough to bruise my knee at one point in this film. I’ve seen The Ring, The Eye, Dark Water, The Grudge and several other Asian ghost storeis, and this was by far the most compelling. It does get confusing, but stick with it, and if you’re confused like me at the end, watch it again and/or go look at a FAQ on IMDB. Then be impressed by the story’s genius.

2 Comments on MOVIE REVIEW: A Tale of Two Sisters

  1. “I jumped up hard enough to bruise my knee at one point.”

    Is this really surprising coming from the guy who laughed so hard at Pratchett’s & Gaiman’s Good Omens that milk came out his nose? πŸ˜›

  2. Kevin, as your friend, maybe I should be the one to tell you that this might get a bit dangerous for you. I, certainly, don’t want to see you get hurt over it; next time, please please, (for me??) wrap yourself in bubblewrap before attempting to watch an “Asian ghost story” movie.

    Oh BTW, keep those pesky beverages far far away too — you certainly don’t want them to come out your nasal or any other cavaties, for that matter. πŸ˜›

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