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Paragaea: A Planetary Romance

Lou Anders’ latest post, A Princess of Counter-Earth, recounts his intro to science fiction via the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs; specifically A Princess of Mars. Anders’ love of ERB and his kind of fiction has apparently influenced his editorial vision of Pyr, his publishing house. First there was Charles Coleman Finlay’s Tarzan-like story, The Prodigal Troll. Second (due in May) comes Chris Roberson’s Paragaea: A Planetary Romance which takes ERB’s Warlord of Mars as its inspiration. Anders’ describes the book as “old style pulp fiction” and a “swashbuckling adventure.”

To support the book, Roberson has launched the content-rich, replete with map, character bios and (not least of all) a free prequel novel in its entirety, Set the Seas on Fire, a nautical adventure set during the Napoleonic wars…with zombies! (An SF Signal fave. :)) That should whet the apetite for the upcoming sequel, but just in case, Roberson has also posted the first three chapters of Paragaea.

This is something I definitely want to check out, not only because I tend to like the adventure side of the science fiction literary spectrum, but also because I immensely enjoyed Roberson’s Here, There & Everywhere.

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  1. Hmm…did you notice that the protagonists of Here, There and Everywhere and this forthcoming novel share the same last name?

  2. Paragaea: A Planetary Romance

    Bowing to the Future: A Princess of Counter-Earth Paragaea, a Planetary Romance Via both SFSignal and the Fantasy editor Lou Anders Blog comes notice of a forthcoming novel that certainly gets my attention: Paragaea, a Planetary Romance by Chris Robers…

  3. Yes, as a matter of fact I did. Earlier today I remembered I neglected to mention as much. Good catch! I’m curious to see the tie-in, if any.

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