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Peter Pan In Scarlet

The long-awaited sequel to J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan is set to be published later this year on October 5th. It’s called Peter Pan In Scarlet and is written by award-winning children’s author Geraldine McCaughrean. The book will feature the original characters Peter, Wendy, Tinkerbell, the rest of the Darling family and the fearsome Captain Hook, as stipulated by the UK-based Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, who owns the copyright to the original book.

Interesting history here (Thanks, Grumpy Old Bookman!): More than two years ago, crime fiction writer Ridley Pearson and columnist Dave Barry wrote a prequel to Peter Pan called Peter and the Starcatchers. Now, two more prequel books will follow – stories whose whose rights have been snatched up by Disney. Mind you, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children receives no royalties from these U.S. publications. They will receive money from the sequel publication, though. Disney, however, will be providing some competition for the sequel by releasing the Pearson/Barry book in the UK at the same time. (It should be noted that this is a publisher decision – apparently the authors feel a bit sensitive over the issue and may help raise funds for the hospital via their all-star mucsical band with fellow writers Stephen King, Amy Tan and Scott Turow.)

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