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Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Which of the following should win the 2005 BSFA Award for best novel?


(16 total votes)

Voter turnout was seriously down this week. What’s the deal? Poor topic? Poor choices?

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10 Comments on POLL RESULTS: 2005 BSFA Awards

  1. The fact that they’re all in hardback in the UK and therefore too expensive to read! (save for Accelerando which I downloaded).

  2. I don’t like voting in “best x” polls when I haven’t read all of the materials. I haven’t read a single one of the books in question, much less all of them, so I don’t feel like I should vote.

  3. I’m with PaulG on this one; there isn’t one on there that I know (or even heard of) which is not unusual for me, but I take it that I wasn’t the only one…
    May I suggest some sort of “catch-all” choice in future polls such as “none/all of the above” (or in this case, “I haven’t read all/any of these”)?

  4. Same here – I didn’t read any of them…

  5. Points taken. Stacy also emailed me about the missing “haven’t read any of them” choice.
    It’s challenging coming up with sf-related poll questions that have widespread appeal; even more so to provide a good selection of choices. Suggestions are always welcome!

  6. Suggestions are hard! Why can’t you just read our minds??? 😛

  7. Only heard of two of the authors, and haven’t read either of those two books. Suggestions? Where are most of the site vistors for? Keep to US-published books, for example? Alternate HC polls with PB polls? Toss in an occasional supermodel poll to make Pete happy?

  8. Well, SciFi-related supermodels…

  9. Not heard of those Authors?!
    Take this as an opportunity to discover someone new 🙂 . All of them are great authors. Here’s what I’ve read and recommend.
    Justina Robson – Silver Screen (although Natural History got great reviews I haven’t read it yet)
    Jon Courtenay Grimwood – Pashazade: The First Arabesk
    Ken MacLeod – The Star Fraction (and then the rest of his Fall Revolution novels).
    Charles Stross – Accelerando
    Haven’t read any Geoff Ryman

  10. “Not heard of those Authors?!”
    No, what I said was I had only heard of two of the authors. Ken MacLeod I like. Charles Stross sucks rocks.
    “Take this as an opportunity to discover someone new 🙂 .”
    If you saw my reading list on my blog, you’d see I’ve found quite a few new folks over the years. Too many books, too little time, too many ex-lovers to dispose of…

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