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Pratchett’s Wee Free Men Heads to Big Screen

SciFi Wire (via Variety) is reporting that Sam Raimi (Spider-Man 3, The Evil Dead) will direct The Wee Free Men, an adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s best-selling young-adult fantasy novel.

The best news about this? I high probability that we get to see more Bruce Campbell.

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4 Comments on Pratchett’s Wee Free Men Heads to Big Screen

  1. Pratchett and Campbell?


    Now I must obtain these books (looks at John).

  2. I really enjoyed Wee Free Men and it should be interesting to see how Raimi decides to go with it. You know though had Gilliam been selected to direct it – that might have been a match made in heaven 🙂

  3. [Deflects to Tim.] (H)

  4. [Deflects to the public library system where they have that book and its follow on Hatfull of Sky] 😛

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