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We’re Back…From Spaaaaace! [UPDATE #2]

If you are reading this post, then the transfer to the new domain has been successful! If you are unable to read this post, then I must get my head examined because I’m talking to myself in the second person. If you like, you can leave a contribution to pay for my psychoanalysis. But if you did that, then I would be proven sane after all, which would be great except that my head would explode in a puff of logic-smoke.

Where was I?

Oh, yes. The domain transfer has been completed. Our new host is MyDomain and they have been extremely helpful in getting us set up. A special thanks to Nathan in customer support who, in addition to having a pleasant disposition while doing an excellent job, had the stamina to endure many annoying phone calls from from a certain me. They don’t make customer support people like that any more.

Our email addresses should now be working.

Still working on email addresses…

Our email addresses should now be working. Really.

We now continue with our regularly scheduled programming.

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