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Boskone 43

This is the weekend of the Boskone 43 in Boston, a science fiction convention focusing on literature, art, music, and gaming.

Headlining guests include are Ken MacLeod and Cory Doctorow. Among the panelists for discussions and readings are James Patrick Kelly, George R. R. Martin, Charles Stross, Mike Resnick, John Scalzi, Tobias S. Buckell, David G. Hartwell, Allen Steele, Karl Schroeder, Michael A. Burstein, Paul Levinson, Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, John M. Ford, Melissa Scott, Walter H. Hunt, Bob Eggleton, Wen Spencer, Sarah Monette, Elizabeth Bear, Jeffrey A. Carver, Paul Park, Michael F. Flynn, Bruce Coville, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Steven Popkes, James Cambias, and Geoffrey A. Landis.

That’s quite an impressive array of names. It makes me wish I was going to be in the Boston area this weekend. I’ve never been to a sf convention before but the Boskone schedule looks darned interesting. Well…except for Filksinging.

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