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Brokeback To The Future

Another intersting mashup, this time using Brokeback Mountain and Back To The Future. Here is Brokeback to the Future. You’ll never look at Christopher Loyd the same again!

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5 Comments on Brokeback To The Future

  1. Lloyd.

    Sometimes Chris. Sometimes Christopher.


  2. Ah… JP wouldn’t be JP if things were spelt correctly; and Fred wouldn’t be Fred if he didn’t correct it…

    I think we’re all a bit neurotic, eh?

  3. I have a role, and I try to fill it!

  4. Man, Enough gay shit! Ever since Bareback mountain or whatever the hell it’s call came out, the internet has been flooded with it.

    Still, that was funny. LOL

  5. I wish I could turn a bicyle or a toaster into a time machine ! LOL

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