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Internet Review of Science Fiction for February 2006

Here are the contents of the Internet Review of Science Fiction for February 2006

  • Editorial
    • Of Curses and Blessings by Bluejack – Busy times at bustling IROSF headquarters.
  • Interview
    • A Bull in a China Shop on the Moon: An Interview with Wu Yan by Lavie Tidhar – A conversation about Chinese SF with one of its premiere personalities.
  • Features
    • Beware the Drop Bears: A Look at Australian Speculative Fiction – Is it a miracle ingredient or just a fear of carnivorous marsupials that makes Australian SF great?
    • Putting the “A” in “YA” by Jay Lake & Ruth Nestvold – Why kids’ stories ain’t just for kids anymore.
    • Time and Again; and Again; and …: Pushed Around by Time at the Movies by MaryAnn Johanson – We all want do-overs now and then. Occasionally, Hollywood delivers.
  • Essay
    • To Seek Out New Books: Adventures in the Star Trek Publishing Universe by William I. Lengeman III – A guided tour through the furthest reaches of the genre’s biggest printingsphere.
  • Criticism
    • Mortal Love by Elizabeth Hand by John Langan – A probing look into a modern classic of fantasy.
  • Reviews
    • NFSF: Family Album by Greg Beatty – This is your father’s fandom.
    • 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill by Niall Harrison – Is the hype for this debut collection justified?
    • February Short Fiction by Lois Tilton – Lois tries something different and reviews every story this month?even the bad ones.
    • Band of Gypsys by Gwyneth Jones by Ursula Whitcher – Technology, magic, and rock and roll collide in the fourth part of the Bold as Love series.
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