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Night Watch in Houston

Looks like Kevin might get his wish.

The film Night Watch is coming to Houston. The film is the first of a planned trilogy, to be followed by Day Watch and Dusk Watch.

Here’s the good news: passes are being given away for free for a 7PM, February 28th Houston screening.

[via Strider’s SciFi Weblog]

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6 Comments on Night Watch in Houston

  1. The trailer and poster make it look a lot better than it really is. Not that it’s horrible……I was a victim of hype.

  2. Too bad Kevin won’t know because he never reads the blog!!

  3. I got 2 passes to the movie, so if anyone wants to go with me just let me know. It’s at Greenway Plaza at 7:30 on Wednesday, 2/28.

  4. And the hype continues!!!

    Still doesn’t seem like anything to be excited over, sorry!

  5. It turns out that I’ll have TWO tickets. No matter what I won’t be able to make it that night (Tuesday the 28th, not Wednesday as mentioned above.)

    I think I saw that Ebert and Roeper pommeled the film mercilessly, so I think I can wait until it comes out in wide release.

  6. SF author Wil McCarthy talks about the film:

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