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SF Tidbits 2/15/06 Part Deux…

Not that I want to steal John’s thunder (or anything else for that matter..)

  • The folks over at PointlessWasteofTime (not completely worksafe) have posted an article about The Top 10 Sci-Fi Films that never happened (worksafe).
  • From the life imitates SF department, some Olympic skiers have been wearing a new bodysuit that hardens on impact to offer a bit more protection to these atheletes. Yes, we take one step closer to active body armor…
  • And Uwe Boll has announced in an interview he will not be making any more video game movies after he finishes butchering Far Cry. My guess is that with the new laws on the books in Germany have more to do with this versus some altruistic decision.

3 Comments on SF Tidbits 2/15/06 Part Deux…

  1. Has anyone seen my thunder? 🙂

  2. 🙁 I followed the link to “My Speech to the Martians” by Jack Handey, and my computer doesn’t recognize the file it’s trying to download. The link says it’s an mp3, but when I try to download, it’s something called “”. What is this?

  3. FYI: I updated the “My Speech to the Martians” post to say that it is a streaming RAM file requiring Real Player.

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