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X Minus 1

Before podcasts were cool, radio was da bomb.

DataJunkie points to classic radio dramas Dimension X and X Minus 1 which featured radio adaptations of classic science fiction stories. A chronological log of the X Minus 1 broadcasts gives this description of the show:

X MINUS ONE was an NBC science fiction series that was an extension,

or revival, of NBC’s earlier science fiction series, DIMENSION X.

which ran from Apr. 8, 1950 through Sept. 29, 1951. Both are

remembered for bringing really first rate science fiction to the air.

The first X MINUS ONE shows used scripts from DIMENSION X, but soon

created new shows from storied from the pages of Galaxy Magazine. A

total of 125 programs were broadcast, some repeats or remakes, until

the last show of Jan. 9, 1958.

DataJunkie points to MP3 downloads of these shows:

Now that’s Retro-cool!

But wait, there’s more! Internet archive also collects 50+ episodes of X Minus 1 including adaptations of “The Cold Equations” by Tom Godwin and Heinlein’s “The Roads Must Roll“. RadioLovers has another collection of 44 episodes of X Minus 1. (Unfortunately, the numbered labels are not very helpful.) You can also buy the episodes in CD.

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3 Comments on X Minus 1

  1. There are two other collections of X Minus 1 on, which combined collect the whole series:

    page 2

    page 3

    Also, the link to “first contact” on your page is to the Dimension X version.

  2. Sweeet!

    And, Whoops! Link fixed.

    Thanks, Adrian.

  3. I finally got a chance to listen to one of these shows so I downloaded one to my PDA for mobile listening. I picked “The Cold Equations” because of my fond memory of the short story. The radio version was cool in a retro sort of way. Since I like older science fiction, this came with a built in charm that won me over.

    There were some story differences, though, if memory serves. To better suit the medium, they added lots of dialogue between the ship and the Earth. And, wasn’t the stowaway the someone’s sister instead of wife? Hmmmm…maybe I’ll need to pull that one off the shelf again.

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