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Year’s Best Fantasy 6

Editor Kathryn Cramer has posted the contents of the upcoming Year’s Best Fantasy 6 anthology:

  1. “Eating Hearts” by Yoon Ha Lee
  2. “The Denial” by Bruce Sterling
  3. “The Fraud” by Esther Friesner
  4. “Sunbird” by Neil Gaiman
  5. “Shard of Glass” by Alaya Dawn Johnson
  6. “The Farmer’s Cat” by Jeff Vandermeer
  7. “Crab Apple” by Patrick Samphire
  8. “The Comber” by Gene Wolfe
  9. “Walpurgis Afternoon” by Deliah Sherman
  10. “Monster” by Kelly Link
  11. “Robots and Falling Hearts” by Tim Pratt & Greg van Eekhout
  12. “Still Life with Boobs” by Ann Harris
  13. “Heads Up, Thumbs Down” by Gavin J. Grant
  14. “Newbie Wrangler” by Timothy J. Anderson
  15. “Being Here” by Claude Lalumière
  16. “Mom and Mother Theresa” by Candas Jane Dorsey
  17. “The Imago Sequence” by Laird Barron
  18. “Magic in a Certain Slant of Light” by Deborah Coates
  19. “Single White Farmhouse” by Heather Shaw
  20. “Read It in the Headlines!” by Garth Nix
  21. “Niels Bohr and the Sleeping Dane” by Jonathon Sullivan
  22. “Mortegarde” by Liz Williams
  23. “Inside Job” by Connie Willis
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