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SF: Media in Transition

MIT‘s Media-in-Transition program is meant to “exploit some of the accretive, hypertextual and interactive capacities” of the new medium of cyberspace. Between 1997 and 2000, they focused on science fiction hoping to “encourage us to read science fiction as a mode of ‘vernacular theory,’ aiming to make current debates about new media accessible to a popular audience.”

The website includes a 1997 essay Media and Imagination: A Short History of American Science Fiction. From their 3-year run, they have included interviews with these sf authors:

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  1. wow…hypertext story telling and cd-rom choose your own adventures. And that was only 7 years ago. How far we have come.

    Of course I played halo 2 for like 10 minuts and it still feels like I am riding on a rail. It looks prettier then Zork but that is about it.

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