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Frappr Spam Update

Well the Frappr spammers are at it again. Apparently, a new avenue of spam opened up when Frappr came onto the scene. Now spammers are leaving drive-by spam on Frappr maps. Clicking their map entry tries to post some data somewhere. Also, the “new member” entry on the forum is scanned by search engine bots to increase their search scores for the particular brand of drug/smut/insurance/site they are selling.

Your feedback to SF Signal is valuable to us because it let’s us know when we are doing things right. Our Frappr map is one form of that feedback and just as important. Therefore, SF Signal’s Frappr Map now has member moderation enabled. All new members who sign up will need to be approved before being accepted. This keeps out those darn spammers and sends them back to the sinister and unholy depths from which they emerged.

So, take a moment to fight the forces of evil and sign our Frappr map today! (I’m not sure, but it may be deductible on your tax return. Check with your financial advisor.)

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