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Based on the Playstation game of the same name, and from the trailer, appears to follow the story line of that game, as well as the awesome theme song, sound effects, demon nurses and evil child puppet things.

I’d put the Silent Hill Playstation game (the original) on my very short list of favorite video games of all time. It’s really the only game I’ve ever played that I found frightening to the core.

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  1. Having played all of the Silent Hill games as well I have to echo Kevin’s sentiments, they are pretty scary games. I think what makes them so scary is that they do a good job of mixing “odd” with “frightening” so the thing that jumps out at you is nothing like you could have imagined. The Silent Hill developers also understand the importance of music in the horror genre. Without the erie music to let you know that the scare is coming there would not be as much anxiety while you wait for the “thing” to jump out at you. I realize that you might think this as “obvious” but you would be amazed at how many developers of scary games miss this obvious element.

    off topic: The only author I have ever read which inspired this kind of “scare” is Clive Barker. You either love him or hate him but his creatures are inspired in my opinion.

  2. Here’s a 14-minute behind-the-scenes video of the making of Silent Hill. [via MoviesOnline]

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