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REVIEW: Last Sons (DC Universe) by Alan Grant


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Superman, Martian Manhunter and the intergalactic bounty hunter (all last sons of their respective races) all come together when confronted by an extremely power AI bent on domination of the universe.


PROS: Its a DC Universe book. Very good job on the characters, and smooth action.

CONS: There is violence and sexual innuendo, but mild language which had me confused about who this book is geared for. The ending seemed a bit abrupt and almost too easily resolved.

BOTTOM LINE: A solid book with some really good science fiction that could have expanded on the ending and either change some of the language or remove some of the innuendo.

This story was not what I expected when I read the jacket cover and that is a good thing. The setting for the book is not Earth, but planets in deep space. This does make sense considering that the main characters are Superman, J’onn J’onnzz and Lobo who are all from other worlds. They share another common factor in that they are the last surviving members of their races. The book does spend some time describing how these men became the last sons, but this book is more about Lobo.

Lobo is really the star of this book and that’s not much of a surprise really as Alan Grant been involved in the creation of this character. He is sort of that anti-hero that people find themselves drawn to. He is rude and crude. He has a shoot first and shoot later attitude that is some what endearing, but Mr. Grant builds this character that is not quite good (but honorable) and has rated R actions and then gives him PG language. That was a sticking point for me in that the book is not something I would let my son read since it does cross the line that the Justice League cartoon does not.

The book does pace very well, and Mr. Grant does a fine job with the action scenes. His characters are well written, and I really think that comes from his time working on comic books. What I believe to be the main arc of the story gets resolved pretty quickly considering how much time was spent building up to the conflict. The last portion of the book is really done as an epilog to tie off the loose threads. Overall, the book is good, but not great. I enjoyed reading it, but had to knock it down for the ending and the points about Lobo’s language.

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