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REVIEW: Starship: Mutiny by Mike Resnick


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Commander Wilson Cole, decorated hero of the Republic (not that one either), is transfered to the Teddy Roosevelt out on the fringes of the galaxy. He finds the war is out in that section and he continues to do what he believes is right. Unfortunately, that belief ultimately leads to mutiny.


PROS: The characters are personable and the action is well paced.

CONS: The events leading into this book are absent and some sort of summary would have been nice. I also felt that the story was a tad cliche.

BOTTOM LINE: A fun and quick read that starts off the Starship series of novels.

Commander Cole is that one hero we all have seen in some movie or book. Basically, he is smarter than his command structure (who just don’t get it), and he is willing to do whatever it takes to win the war. While the story was engaging, the concept has been done before. I think the differentiation here is that Cole has interactions with the rest of the crew that are believable and well written. The action sequences have a great pace and do not detract from the underlying story. Beyond the statements about seeing aspects of this story before, the lack of details leading up to the start of this book was a bit confusing. A prologue would have been a nice touch considering how much effort is put at the end of the book to discuss the ship and the Birthright universe.

Mr. Resnick has crafted an extensive universe and has several novels that take place there. This is the first Birthright novel I have read and while I was able to gain some insight into the universe, the setting was not that important for this story. The Birthright Universe has an extensive timeline (which is mapped out at the end of this novel), and I am very much interested in learning more now. I first decided to read this book after seeing Scott’s review, and I am glad I did.

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