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Grease Monkey

Tor is reprinting Grease Monkey, a humorous science fiction comic written by Tim Eldred, whose website offers the first chapter for free.

From Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing:

Tim Eldred’s indie comic book Grease Monkey — a great, funny space adventure comic — has been collected by Tor and has just hit the shelves. Grease Monkey is the story of a post-alien-invasion space-station where crack pilots drill ceaselessly to train for the rematch with the aliens — like Ender’s Game, but wicked funny.

The Barbarian squadron are the all-woman leaders of the fleet, thanks in no small part to their mechanic Mac, who is an uplifted gibbon (part of a tribe of sentient apes that mixes with human society). The story is told from the PoV of Robin, Mac’s young assistant, who is taken under Mac’s hairy arm and treated to a crash-course in beating the system.

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