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Kevin J. Anderson with an Update on the Slan Sequel

The Alien Online has an update from Kevin J. Anderson on his progress in writing the sequel to A.E. van Vogt’s classic novel, Slan:

“When I read the outline and partial manuscript, and reread Slan, I decided to take on the project. My primary goal is to make a sequel that all fans of the original novel will enjoy. It carries forward many of the original ideas, with plenty of additional twists and turns, lots of action, even one of Van’s signature surprise endings. I think it’s very important to call more attention to one of the great early writers of the genre and to acknowledge the contribution he made to all of science fiction.

“Because Slan was originally published in 1940, the writing style is somewhat dated and pulpy for modern readers. Nevertheless, the feel of the book, the super-science, the vast ideas, the plot twists, the surprise ending, the spectacular setting – everything is perfectly compatible to a current audience. I worked hard to maintain the ‘flavor’ of van Vogt, while still polishing the manuscript so that the prose is equal to the very best I can do.

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7 Comments on Kevin J. Anderson with an Update on the Slan Sequel

  1. I’d rather he did not “update” either the pulpy style or the science. Half the charm would be lost.

  2. My condolences to all A.E. van Vogt fans.

  3. Well, at least we’ve got John C. Wright’s Null-A sequel to look forward to. That’s one of the few posthumous sequels I’m actually anticipating.

  4. You’ll be happy to know that NULL-A CONTINUUM is written, sold, and countersigned. The lovely Mrs. van Vogt read the manuscript and loved it. I used my highly-developed null-a trained double-brain to make a twenty-decimal point similarity to van Vogt’s style, theme, and philosophy.

    This is your grandfather’s SF: I only wish John W. Campbell Jr. were still around. This yarn would have been right at home in ASTOUNDING magazine.

    (I am actually looking forward to reading Anderson’s SLAN II. I am a fan of Van, and I am hoping Anderson can do what I did, or better. We’ll see.)

  5. The next issue of Baen’s Universe eMagazine will have “Slan Hunter”, first part of a serial in it. There’s an “eARC” version up on the Universe site for those who are subscribers (that would be me).

    I’ll read it “soonish” and post a report.

    John, any news on Null-A Continuum? Given the news of a new Dickson Child Cycle novel, plus the pending release in the US of the Galactic North collection by Reynolds, I’m hoping for lots of Golden Age style SF next year!

  6. Null-A Continuum update:

    Last I heard, both the publisher and the estate reached an agreement, and we are merely waiting for the Tor contracts department to formalize it in a writing.

    I had expressed the hope to Tor Books that the publicity of the two A.E. van Vogt sequels could be coordinated, that perhaps the books could be released at the same time, but whether they will go with this idea or not, I have no notion.

    So keep fingers crossed: I am still waiting.

  7. John, have you considered submitting it to Baen’s Universe as a serial? Or an extended excerpt (some of the stories in the issues that have come out so far have been pretty long)?

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