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POLL RESULTS: Your Favorite Marvel Superhero

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.

Which of the following is your favorite Marvel superhero?


(50 total votes)

Looks like a dead heat between Spiderman and one of the X-Men. Wolverine, maybe? And what about the “Other” voter? Please, please tell me it’s not Sub-Mariner!

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3 Comments on POLL RESULTS: Your Favorite Marvel Superhero

  1. Anonymous // May 29, 2006 at 2:09 am //

    I was an other voter…
    Galactus…from reading “the last galactus story” in epic meg like 20 years ago.
    Longshot was pretty cool as well…but he later became an x-man after the mini series and sucked.
    I also really liked Majik and the cypher/worlock characters from New Mutants…and belive it or not when the morlock massacure was going on the new mutants was the best marvel comic at the time…and that was when Chris Clarmont was writing X-men.
    Plus you forgot Daredevil…and that would be the Frank Miller Daredevil.

  2. The “other” is Doctor Strange.

  3. what?!? how could nobody have voted for the silver surfer?!?! He is THE best marvel superhero, bar none. not only does he look awesome and have amazing strength, speed, agility, and the power cosmic, he embodies everything I think a superhero should stand for. Nobility, goodness, character, I could go on for days. I’m disappointed in you people. the Silver Surfer really is one of the most underrated superheroes out there.

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