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REVIEW: Castleview by Gene Wolfe

REVIEW SUMMARY: Classic Wolfe – a story set in modern times that manages to brings in tons of fantasy elements and still pulls off an amazing read. It’s part thriller, part fantasy, and all Wolfe.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: The town of Castleview, Illinois is in for a wild night as a vision of a phantom castle pushes Will Shields, the new owner of the local car dealership, into an adventure involving werewolves (sort of), vampires (maybe), and faries (definitively.) Oh, and there’s some Arthurian legend to boot (I’m almost 100% positive.) Oh and the book mentions Sasquatch, but he’s not in it really (at least, I don’t think so.)


PROS: An intricate and engaging story – Wolfe always makes you pay attention throughout. If you’re tired or watching TV you best not try to read it. But the rewards for reading carefully are involvement in a rich narrative that just seems better than most works today.

CONS: You have to have your thinking cap on – Wolfe is a demanding author. If you’re looking for a quick read at bedtime this isn’t it.

BOTTOM LINE: Fun, interesting, and somewhat enigmatic, the story makes you want to read it and figure out what is going on. Fans of Wolfe should make sure and pick this one up.

EXTENDED REVIEW: Wolfe always reminds me that sometimes symbolism and complex plots are worth the time to read. I don’t need everything I read to be this way, but I always feel I’m reading at college level compared to the high-school (or lower) level writing done by most.

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