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SF Tidbits for 5/31/06

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John DeNardo is the Managing Editor at SF Signal and a columnist at Kirkus Reviews. He also likes bagels. So there.

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  1. I wouldn’t be sloppy when interviewing Harlan Ellison that’s for sure. I’d love to get a crack at him though, and I love hearing him interviewed. Cheers for the link.

  2. If I may, Jose, you guys at Meme Therapy are doing some of the coolest stuff with interviews. I love the idea of Brains on Parade – one question for multiple people (even if one of those people happens to be BDO‘s James Bloomer. Hi James ;-))

    Just wondering…how do you work the logistics of that? Do you have a bunch of prepared questions, ask them at one time, then post the cross-section of answers? Or, do you ping each interviewee with the single question each time?

  3. Scott, the SFFaudio editor who interviewed Harlan, did a ton of research before making the call. He went in with a number of prepared questions and Harlan had plenty to say around each – plus a ton of good stuff more. They key, I think, is going in with good working knowledge of the author and his or her work – that will give you the kind of questions to ask, and the kind not to.


  4. John, the weird thing about it is that there isn’t a formalized systyem. I’ve sent 30 query letters and gotten five lines of text and I’ve done 5 query letters and gotten several thousand. But yes for the most part its interviews, follow up questions and a bit of cut and paste surgery. It requires a bit of foresight in asking the questions and organizaing threads but it usualy works just fine.

    Thanks for the kind words,



  5. Have seen a few of Elliot’s intervview. What I wanted to know is what system must be use to create a podcast if you want it seen on a windows media or share it using rapid sahre? Thanks in advance.

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