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SF Tidbits for 5/4/06

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Has nothing interesting to say so in the interest of time, will get on with not saying it.

4 Comments on SF Tidbits for 5/4/06

  1. Is today my birthday, JP? RTFB! Oh, and RTFB!

    Let me introduce you to a little something called Google… 😉

  2. Whoa pink-boy (John) – JP’s info is more current – it warrants a new tidbit!

  3. I know Shat has his DVD club. That wasn’t what the tidbit was about. It was about Shat’s list of best underground SF movies. Read what I posted.

    I second the pink boy thing.

  4. Scott, you’re busted! You claimed to be a tidbit-hatah and that you don’t bother to read them. Now we see that you are really a raging tidbit fanboy at heart. And a closet one at that. 🙂

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