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Video Games Infleunced by Literature and Myth

Here’s a great read [link via Backwards City]: IGN’s 5-page article The Influence of Literature and Myth in Videogames.

“It’s hard to name a single science fiction author, but Robert Heinlein would be at the top of the list,” said Hennig. “He and other classic sci-fi writers like Larry Niven, E.E. Smith and Orson Scott Card have had a huge influence on the development of the science fiction genre in games, from the first mainframe computer games to Halo.”

There have been a few direct collaborations between game developers and science fiction writers. Though it didn’t fare well critically or commercially, Advent Rising was a rare collaboration between science fiction writer Orson Scott Card and developer Glyphx. Harlan Ellison’s “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream” was also a standout PC game for many.

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