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Burning Safari

GOBELINS is a French animation school that has produced several well done and humorous animated shorts. Burning Safari is one such short, made for the Annecy 2006 international animated film festival. It has spaceships, an exploratory feel, cute robots and monkeys. What’s not to like? Take a look!

Update: The YouTube link no longer functions. They must have removed the video. Fear not! I found a link on the Gobelins site and added the link above.

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5 Comments on Burning Safari

  1. Those wacky French!

  2. Very cute von Neuman probes.

  3. Hmm, I move the video to the left to try to see if the text would wrap around it, but it didn’t. Bummer.

  4. I like the homage to roadrunner and Wild E Coyote with desert scenes at the start of the chase

  5. I think the video link is broken now?

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