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Channeling Marlon Brando

Or ‘How To Make Marlon Brando Appear In Superman Returns’. Rhythm & Hughes do the honors of bringing Brando back and now you can see how in this cool, if kinda creepy, short film on the FX behind the talking head.

I also see that people who have already seen the film are raving about how good it is. I may possibly have to move this up on my list and see it in the theater…

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2 Comments on Channeling Marlon Brando

  1. That’s creepy.

    So, I watched Superman: The Movie tonight with my daughter. My fond memories were somewhat destroyed when I saw the questionable science to which I payed no never-mind almost 30 years ago. How exactly, does changing the Earth’s rotation reverse the flow of time? And some of the dialogue was so awkward. “I like pink” indeed. And the whole “Can you read my mind” scene still bores me to tears.

  2. joshua corning // June 21, 2006 at 9:00 pm //

    one day there will be no need for actors…i will be happy on that day knowing i will never again have information like bradulino shoveled down my throat.

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