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Free Beer! (Well, Sample Chapters Anyway)

Author Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn) is working on a new book in the works called Warbreaker. You can find sample chapters here.

Additionally, author Chris Roberson is also working on a new book, Beyond The Threshold. He has also posted sample chapters.

I’m glad to see this happening. Now, potential book buyers can ‘try before they buy’ and decide whether the full book will be worth their time. Sort of the book version of a game demo. Sweet.

Oh, and, BYOB.

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  1. I’d like to see the delivery to go one better. Read a few chapters of an electronic book and then hit a link prompting you to cough up a few bob to get the rest. But yes, the sample chapters on websites is the way to go for now. I can’t see any excuse not to unless an author is convinced that a reader won’t want to buy his book after reading the first few chapters.

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