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Jim Baen’s Universe Goes Live

The first issue of Jim Baen’s Universe is now live. The DRM-free e-mag is subscription based, but non-subscribers can get a free preview.

The contents of the first issue is looking sweet:

Science Fiction Stories

  • “Chilling” by Alan Dean Foster
  • “Bow Shock” by Gregory Benford
  • “Pimpf” by Charlie Stross
  • “What Would Sam Spade Do?” by Jo Walton
  • “Brieanna’s Constant” by Eric Witchey
  • “Bob’s Yeti Problem” by Lawrence Person
  • “Slanted Jack” by Mark Van Name
  • “Candy-Blossom” by Dave Freer
  • “The Darkness” by David Drake

Fantasy Stories

  • “The Cold Blacksmith” by Elizabeth Bear
  • “Poga” by John Barnes
  • “Build-A-Bear” by Gene Wolfe
  • “The Opposite of Pomegranates” by Marissa Lingen
  • “Ware the Sleeper” by Julie Czerneda
  • “The Thief of Stones” by Sarah Zettel


  • “Light of Other Days” by Bob Shaw
  • “The Facts Concerning The Recent Carnival Of Crime In Connecticut” by Mark Twain


  • “The Ancient Ones Part 1” by David Brin
  • “Travails with Momma” by John Ringo
  • “Fish Story, Episode 1” by Andrew Dennis, Eric Flint and Dave Freer

Introducing (Stories by new authors)

  • “Fancy Farmer” by Pamela Uphoff
  • “The Puzzle of the Peregrinating Coach” by George Phillies
  • “Astromonkeys!” by Tony Frazier
  • “Giving it 14 Percent” by Ani Fox
  • “Local Boy Makes Good” by Ray Tabler

NonFiction articles

  • Gods and Monsters in Hollywood by Gregory Benford
  • Back to the Moon by Travis Taylor
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  1. Yep. It looks even sweeter if you’re a subscriber.


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